We would be delighted to hear from any of our publishing friends who have an interest in the foreign rights of our books. If you need any information do not hesitate to write to commerciale@enricodamianieditore.com.

Our history

Founded in Milan in the 40s by Enrico Damiani (journalist and theatre critic), the publishing house initially sells art books that stand out for their elegance and the unique care put in their realisation. After years of inactivity, Giovanni Damiani, along with his wife Elena Faroni, resumes his father’s enterprise with an exclectic catalogue. Meall while keeping alive the legacy of Enrico Damiani’s splendid art books with the series gli unici, exquisite collectors’ editions of classics of the Italian literature and beyond.

After 2017, despite Giovanni Damiani’s passing, the publishing house continues its activity vigorously, expanding into international fiction, with books the likes of The Home That Was Our Country by Sirian writer Alia Malek and Those Who Go Do Not Return by Shulem Deen.

New HQ, same passion

In 2019 the publishing house moves to its new HQ in Brescia, while consolidating five main areas of interest:

  • memoirs: from social engagement to very unusual travels;
  • “narrative” non-fiction: art history, digital mindset, current affairs, psychoanalysis, anthropology, and more;
  • mindfulness & wellness: easy-to-read manuals that combine ancient wisdom and modern approaches to eating, parenting, and more;
  • the adagios: Milan, Venice, Naples, Palermo, slow-paced guides for the curious, patient and conscious tourist.

In each of our books we convey our passion, taking care of every detail to offer our readers valuable and profound books.