Il Misantropo


Il Misantropo


Preface by Michele Mari
Translation of Renato Benvenuto
Emanuele Luzzati illustrations

Repeated 350 years after its Paris debut (1666)

Renato Benvenuto’s version faithful to the original metric (verses alexandrians and rhyming couplets).
The dense introduction of Michele Mari emphasizes the noble and tragic aspect, for nothing grotesque or caricature, of the character. Perhaps the most congenial pièce reading, less theatrical Moliere – which also often recited on stage – capable of challenging the universal hypocrisy of society in mankind.
The work is enriched with ten unreleased mixed media drawings of the great painter and illustrator Emanuele Luzzati.

CD attached to the book “Luca Micheletti law The Misanthrope”

Renato Benvenuto has composed incidental music and radio in Italy, France and Switzerland.
He exerts a translator in the field of musicology and nonfiction.

Michele Mari has written numerous books of fiction, almost all published by Einaudi. She teaches Italian literature at the University of Milan.

Luca Micheletti is a director, actor and playwright, recently awarded the International Prize Luigi Pirandello. Professor of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Santa Giulia in Brescia.

Emanuele Luzzati (1921-2007) was a set designer, animator and illustrator Italian, teacher in every field of applied art.

Limited edition of 290 numbered copies.
Price € 300.00 (the copies from 1 to n. 10 with an original drawing)

December 2016

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