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Gli Unici – Logiche – Gulliver – Autori Associati – La Pietra Filosofale

The artistic and intellectual endeavours of Enrico Damiani, critic and editor, have been continued by Enrico Damiani Editors and Associates that intends to reproduce the books, upholding the quality and tradition of the artistic typography with the addition of current research on the arguments under discussion.

Enrico Damiani Editor and Associates further anticipates five collections:
“Gli Unici”, art books.
“Gulliver”, contemporary international fiction.
“Logiche”, Essays and pamphlets.
“Autori Associati”, literary trial.
“La pietra filosofale, wellbeing, health, natural medecine.

  •  gli unici collection publishes unique books in its kind. Texts of fundamental authors essential in a library, illustrated by exceptional artists, in a perfectly kept limited edition, with a cd enclosed in which an actor plays the work.
  •  gulliver collection publishes fiction and essay, noir, detective story, mainstream, memoir.
  •  logiche collection publishes texts of theoretical comparison. Essays, Pamphlets, Politics, Religions, Theory.
  • autori associati collection publishes  authors selected by a literary committee of writers and artists who aim to launch the question of the contemporary romance outside of literary market conditioned by ideological and/or commercial objectives.
  • La pietra filosofale collection publishes texts on natural medicine, wellbeing and health.