If you want to submit your manuscript to Enrico Damiani Editore e Associati send an e -mail to writing in the “Subject” the work’s title, author name , type of  category (“The White Cat by Mario Rossi- fiction noir”)

To attach narrative:

  • synopsis
  • first chapter only
  • curriculum

For essays and guides:

  • summary
  • bibliography
  • presentation of the work
  • professional curriculum

For graphic novel:

  • a plot of 5-6 rows
  • a table , a comp p a study in order to understand the graphic quality
  • a brief biography of the cartoonist (with phone numbers)
  • a short biography of the writer (in the case in which the two figures do not coincidessdero)

EDE will contact the author within 90 days, after this period  the proposed publication is considered rejected.


The files must be submitted in PDF format, the material will not be returned;
Texts in paper will be rejecteded.
To learn more, write to